SOUTE STUDIO is situated in B10, on the first floor, in the foodie destination, Salt Orchard Precinct, Salt River.
The venue offers a total venue space of 210 square meters with a fully functional bar & kitchen.

The venue's comfortable capacity is up to 60 guests interactive cooking or workshop, 80 guests seated, and120 guests for a cocktail event. 

The name SOUTE was inspired by the location, Salt River, and the meaning of the word in Afrikaaps, "watch out! someone's coming". 

The interiors are the result of the vision of a very special person, Doreen (Jade's mama!). 

From its inception, Soute's aim was to provide flexible and affordable rental options for private and corporate events & entrepreneurs.

For 8 years, we jammed in the wonderful Gardens & Woodstock venues and set up mobile kitchens,

until SOUTE STUDIO was realized as a home away from home in August 2018.

We offer different rental types. The venue is available with or without catering, guests can choose to bring their own drinks, food and decor. 

Commercial: Ie. Workshops: Any group using the venue for profit, when an admission fee is charged, tickets sold.

Private: Any group function not open to the public that does not charge any type of fee or admission for the event.

Shared Production Kitchen: production kitchen, equipment & storage on an hourly and monthly basis.  

Welcome to Soute
Welcome Drinks Table
Entrance & Lounge
Welcome & Lounge
Welcome & Drinks
Cooking Stoves
Kitchen Stations
Handwash Basin
Unisex Restroom
Full View of the Open Floor
Long table Setup for 60 Guests
Longtable & Projector