Master bakers Florence Sabas & Jade Guignard are Bread & Co.

You've seen them at Soute, home of Food Jams, hosting their sold-out baking classes (sourdough, pizza, croissants, brioche, macarons, profiteroles). 

The French Community of Cape Town keeps them busy, and says its the best in Cape Town.

Now it's our chance to jump on the bread wagon and join the mother & daughter team's list of fans. Book an online class with Bread & Co and learn how to make your own sourdough guided by Flo & J, or if you're like us, take the easy route out and order the baked goodness straight from their kitchen & have it delivered on the same day. You're welcome! 

Madeleines by Bread & Co

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  • Local quality flour



    Baking Power 




  • 5 Madeleines per order at R35