Dumplings (jiaozi in Mandarin) are typically made from unleavened dough rolled out very thin and cut into circles. These wrappers or skins are then folded around a savoury filling and steamed or boiled to perfection.


Whichever flavour you prefer, nothing beats the silky, supple wrappers and hearty fillings of Home Bao's dumplings. They are made freshly each day and colour-coded using vegetable puree, without any artificial colourants or preservatives.


Home Bao dumplings can be cooked straight from the freezer in less than 10 minutes. Bite-sized happiness is served!


Tasting Boxes | 15 pieces per box | Prawn, Pork & Vegan 

Single Flavour Filling | 30 pieces per box 

Coriander Chicken & Posh Prawn | 20 pieces per box 


Dumplings by Home Bao

  • 1. Fill a large pot 2/3 of the way with water. Add 1 tbsp cooking oil and 1 tsp salt. Turn the stove on to high.

    2. Bring to the boil. Add your frozen dumplings (never defrost them beforehand). Make sure you don’t over fill the pot. Rather cook them in two batches to avoid overcrowding. Give it a quick swirl and put lid on. *Vegan Dumplings - cook 15 per batch.

    3. Once the water boils again, add 1 cup cold water. Repeat this process 1 more time. Leave the lid off.

    *If you are preparing Juicy Vegan Dumplings then skip the cold water process. When the water boils for the 1st time, wait for 2 - 3 minutes then follow step 4. Vegan Dumplings require much shorter cooking time. For best results steam vegan dumplings on high heat for           6 - 8 minutes.

    4. Drain the dumplings and drizzle them with sesame oil or any cooking oil.

    5. Enjoy with our complimentary flavour pack.

    Dipping sauce - add the complimentary flavour pack to the following:

    3 tbsp soya sauce, 1 tbsp vinegar, and 1 tbsp sesame oil.

    Pro tip: Use lots of water, keep the heat on high and stir as little as possible.

  • How long can I keep the dumplings in my freezer? 

    Just because our dumplings are frozen, doesn't mean that they are any less fresh or healthy. We suggest you eat them within 4 weeks (if you can resist them for that long!).


    Do the dumplings contain any allergens? 

    Our products contain dairy, gluten, nuts, soya, egg and wheat.